All jewelry is made by hand to order.
All Sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

* Due to the nature of antlers, each jewelry item will be unique and one of a kind.

Do you do repairs?

I am happy to.

Depending on the nature of the repair, there may be a small fee or shipping charges.

Do you hunt deer to get your antlers?

All my jewelry is made from naturally shed deer antlers that have been found on the forest floor. Deer shed their antlers annually providing an ample supply.

How long does it take to receive my Love Sheds jewelry after ordering?

All my jewelry is made by hand as I am an individual artist. Please allow 2 weeks plus shipping at this time.

If I send you my antler, does it make the jewelry cheaper?

If you have an antler that is sentimental, I am willing to make something special for you at your request.

My prices are based on my time and labour but I’d love to accommodate to your request.

Did you know?

Deer antlers are true bone and are composed primarily of calcium, phosphorous, and are deciduous.

Deciduous, meaning antlers are shed and grown new each and every year. It’s a natural process!

Antler size is determined by three factors: age, nutrition, and genetics.

Antler definition: one of the branched horns on the head of an adult male deer, which are made of bone and are grown and cast off annually.